Terms & Conditions.


• Included in your rental is an amount allocated for the use of water and electricity.
• In order to maintain the level charged, we request that you:
• Use only the minimal amount of electricity required.
• Please switch off all lights and electrical appliances while not in use or when you leave the room;
• Water should be used sparingly.
• Please report any leaks to the security/building manager as soon as they are noticed;
• Dump rubbish (including food uneaten or stale) in the dust bins provided;
• Keep the bathrooms and kitchens in a clean state as you would like to find them;
• Ensure that all stove plates and ovens are turned off when not in use.
• Bar heaters and Kettles are not allowed and will be confiscated if found.
• Should we find that the electricity and water charge for the building exceed that provided for, we will be obliged to increase the rental to accommodate the electricity and water shortfall.
• In the event that your room is equipped with a pre-paid electricity meter, and we find that the device has been tampered with while you are in occupation of the room, you will:
• Be issued with a R5000 spot fine.
• In addition to the aforementioned fine, Criminal charges may be laid against you.

• Serious and disorderly behaviour that results in the disturbance of others may lead to immediate termination of the lease agreement.
• In such cases you will be liable for the full charges set out in lease agreement.
Playing of music or other sounds at unreasonable levels is strictly forbidden.
The Lessor reserves the right to confiscate any music equipment in the event that the Lessee does not adhere to this rule.
• Such equipment will be returned to the Lessee at the end of each semester.
Shouting, calling or talking in a raised voice is not acceptable.
Running in corridors or in any other areas of the building is not permitted.
Report your disturbances to your Resident Assistant and Building Manager.


You must keep your room clean and tidy at all times. Bed linen should be changed and washed at least once a week. The furniture provided in your room may not be removed from your room, or the building, without our prior consent. The full cost of repairing any item of furniture or electrical appliance provided by us will be charged to you with an appropriate administration charge of not less than R100.
Insects and rodents are a health hazard. All food kept in your room must be stored in suitable containers or wrapped tightly, this prevents insects or rodents from accessing it. Stale, unfinished or waste food must be immediately thrown in the dustbins provided in the kitchens. Furniture should not be removed from the common areas to your rooms. If you are found to have taken the furniture to your room, you will be issued with a R300 spot fine.
All rooms are inspected twice a month. Any damage found to the room on inspection will be billed directly and become payable immediately. Should we find that the state of your room is such that there may be a potential health hazard, you will be formally requested to clean your room. Should you consistently keep your room in such a state we will arrange for the room to be cleaned and all costs will be for your account.
You will ensure that prior to vacating the room, for weekends, vacations or otherwise, that your room is cleaned and that any form of food or drink is stored away or thrown out and that pots, pans, cups and plates are cleaned. We reserve the right to clean your room in your absence and hold you accountable for costs incurred (which will not be less than R100) and we will not be held responsible for any losses.
Cooking of food in your room is strictly forbidden. You may not remove any microwave ovens of hot-plates supplied from the communal kitchen for cooking in your rooms or otherwise. Clothes or other items may not be hung from the windows of the building.
No posters or other items may be permanently affixed to the walls, windows or furniture of your room or any other part of the building. It is in your best interests to keep the building in a clean state, please do not soil, mark, litter or damage the common areas of the building. Toilets must not be used for the disposal of any foreign objects, only domestic toilet paper may be flushed down the toilet.

The building is a smoke free building. Smoking, drinking or the taking of drugs is strictly prohibited within your room and in the common areas of the building. Consumption and storage of alcohol is not allowed in your room or in the building. You will not use, store and sell non-prescription drugs or narcotics in the building. Should alcohol or any form of drugs be found on your person or in your room, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the lease agreement and take whatever legal action that may be necessary against you.


Should you suffer from any medical illness or disability, we would appreciate you notifying us so that we are in a position to be of assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

We cannot be held responsible for any losses that you may incur whilst residing in our buildings. In light of this, please keep your room locked at all times and ensure that the windows are fully closed when you are not present in your room. The key for your room must never be given or lent to any other person. You should ensure that there are no key tags or identification that would make it easy to identify the room or building that the key belong to.
It is vital that you take good care to ensure that you never leave your keys in a place that they could be stolen or lost. We will not be held responsible for any theft or burglary involving your possessions.
Lost keys lead to the issuing of new keys and you will be held responsible for the cost of and the issuing of replacement of new keys (approximately R200.00) together with an administration charge as a locksmith will be required to be called in.
Tampering with any security or fire fighting equipment is a serious offence and is strictly forbidden. Should you tamper with the fire equipment in any way, we reserve our right not only to have you arrested but to lay criminal charges against you. The cost of restoring such equipment will be for your account(minimum charge of R500 for tampering with equipment).
The use of candles, oil lamps, incense or anything that produces a naked flame is a potential fire hazard and is strictly forbidden to be used in your room or any other part of the building.
We reserve the right to search bags (yours or your visitors) at any time and confiscate any firearms, weapons, alcohol, drugs or any other illegal substance.

Visitors are welcome provided they observe these house rules and the lease agreement. No student may have more than TWO visitors at any given time. All visitors are required to report to security and are not allowed direct access to your room.
Visitors will be required to leave either their student cards or identity documents with security prior to being allowed access to the building. You will be required to fetch all visitors from the foyer. No visitors are allowed to remain in the building without your presence. Should you leave the building, your visitors must also leave the building.
You will be wholly responsible and financially liable for any damages caused by your visitor.
Visitors have access to the building from 9h00 to 23h00.
Sleeping overnight is not permitted. Should we find that you have granted a visitor the right to sleepover, we will charge youan amount of R200.00 per visitor per night for the room.
Prior arrangements can be made for visitors to be accommodated in our buildings at a cost of R135.00 per visitor per night payable upfront and a designated room will be made available to the visitor(s) if available.
Management reserves the right to place further restrictions on the access of visitors in the event that utility consumption increases dramatically, visitors’ behavior is inappropriate or the people carrying capacity of the building is compromised in any way.

Firearms or any form of weapon, eg. knives, batons etc, is strictly forbidden. No group meetings or demonstrations will be permitted without our prior approval. Pamphlets of any nature may not be placed or handed out in the building without our prior consent.

Failure to observe these House Rules will constitute a breach of the Lease Agreement and may lead to termination of the Lease.